Not only is it hard to say, but if you’re not prepared to filter or add high doses of sulphur (which we’re not), Gewürztraminer is a tricky little bugger to work with. Flavour ripeness comes late with this grape meaning there’s often residual sugar left in the wines so filtering and sulphur are typically used to prevent it re-fermenting in the bottle.

So how do you capture those beautiful spicy, tropical flavours without the alcohol blowing out and causing sugar issues? Being a cool classic vintage I decided to open up the bunch zone, removing leaves (something I don’t do for other varieties) allowing the sun to do its work, building those tropical flavours earlier in the ripening period. I was then able to pick at just 12% potential alcohol with an acidity just shy of double digits.

The result is quintessential Gewürztraminer on the nose with a dry, softly-textured palate. Spicy, tropical and fresh.