Pinot Gris


Our Pinot Gris sits somewhere between the full-bodied, rich and opulent French approach to the style and the Italian Pinot grigio which is lighter, crisper and made to be drunk young and with food. We go for texture and creaminess while retaining the freshness and acidity we love in this variety.

Our cool climate allows the flavour to build slowly in the grapes without the excessive phenolics you might see in gris from warmer climes, and our cool evenings allowing natural acidity to be retained right up to harvest. Our unique blend of soils comes into play here too. But as far as the things we can control, it comes down to four main factors. Firstly, we farm our Pinot gris seriously, giving the vines as much attention as our other, more ‘noble’ varieties, and they respond. Secondly, we pick the grapes a little fresher and crunchier than other producers typically would, giving the wine a lovely crisp acidity. Thirdly, we allow the wine to undergo full malolactic fermentation, converting the more tart malic acid to a softer milky lactic acid. And lastly, we age the wine for 11 months on its lees and without sulphur to allow the texture to build and balance out the racy acidity.

On the nose the wine has a lovely crisp pear aroma mingled with the flesh of white stone fruits. Longer aging in the bottle has given it an extra richness while retaining a light zing from the earlier picking. The palate is bone dry and the initial attack intense with tart apple and pear. Then the creaminess comes through with some savoury notes of freshly baked bread. It’s more voluptuous than a typical grigio, but not as buttery as a French gris.

Our Pinot gris is dry, textured and full of flavour making it delicious with food.Drink it a little warmer than you’d normally drink a white to really give the flavours time to shine. It’s a nod to the Italian, a kiss on both cheeks with the French but 100% The Wine Farm.