Pétillant naturel 2019


Pétillant Naturel is one of the purest forms of wine there is. You’re bottling a wine without any sulphur before the primary fermentation has finished and using that to create the bubbles in the bottle. Ours is made from 100% Pinot noir and has absolutely nothing added at any stage. The bubbles, pressure and acidity are all that are needed to keep it fresh and give it the potential to age for many years to come.

Our 2019 pet nat has been aged for 4.5 years on its lees before being hand riddled and disgorged, resulting in a perfectly clean bottle of bubbles – and an abundance of small, fine bubbles at that. Very few Australian sparkling wines see this amount of time on sediment, adding complexity of flavour and texture that delivers Champagne-like luxury in the glass.