Pétillant naturel


Pétillant Naturel is one of the purest forms of wine there is. You’re bottling a wine without any sulphur before the primary fermentation has finished and using that to create the bubbles in the bottle. Ours is made from 100% Pinot noir and the 2018 has an abundance of natural acidity balanced by a touch of residual sugar. The profusion of fine bubbles mingle with gorgeous leesy aromas from 18 months of ageing before disgorging to give you a finely balanced and pure bottle of wine we reckon rivals a good Champagne. This wine captures the vintage in every sense. Not just the soil and the season but the very energy of our busy little cellar during harvest.

While the rest of our wines get a little sulphur added just before bottling, this wine has absolutely nothing added at any stage. The bubbles, pressure and acidity are all that are needed to keep it fresh and give it the potential to age for many years to come.