The Rieslings we like to drink are all about acidity – be it fruity acidity balanced with sugar from the Mosel, or the cutting dry acidity of a Trimbach. Our preference is for the latter, so that’s the style we pitch for at home. But while liberal use of sulphur in most Alsatian Rieslings help keep them very tight and focussed, our minimal use of sulphur gives something a little left of centre on the nose. Full malolactic fermentation gives texture and breadth to an otherwise classic, acid-focused palate with a stony minerality.

This is pure, fine-boned, grown-up Riesling, with an edge. Chiseled with a chalky finish to the palate and a good drive of sherbety acidity. It’s not all elbows and knees however, with a gentle texture to the palate that goes a long way.